Python代寫 | 5LN720/5LN721Current Topics in Digital Philology

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Python代寫 | 5LN720/5LN721Current Topics in Digital Philology

英国作业代写,✔美国代考,【assignment代写】,business代写Current Topics in Digital Philology

Assignment on Digital Methods in Literary Analysis
Hand in a report on a small study on using digital methods in literary
analysis. Four, quite open, proposals are listed below. Choose one. You can
also define your own study. Check with Ellinor Lindqvist whether it is ok.
The assignment is based on a series of examples discussed during the
associated lecture. They make use of a small subset1 of the Project
Gutenberg corpus. The lecture examples only make use of even smaller
subsets. The same will probably be true for your assignment work. The
text files are available here /home/staff/matsd/shared/gutenberg/on our
Linux system. The Gutenberg files have been manually cleaned to remove
metadata, license information, and transcribers’ notes. They are basic and
simple e-text versions of the books. They do not follow any strict scholary
standard. In the current context they represent a “convenience sample”.
If you wish, you can add new files from Gutenberg to the data to be used.
Just clean them in the same way as has been done in the subset.
Assignment proposals
These proposals are quite open and you can specify them according to your
own preferences. They can also be extended to form a “small project” (for
7.5 credit 5LN720).
(a) Extract explicit quotation: Tokenize explicit quotation in such a way
that the pseudowords -qtst- and -qtnd- appear for all kinds of start and
end of quotation. This is a problem that is quite tricky in many ways.
Use this to make a study of some stylistic difference between dialogue and
narrative in some subset of texts.
Exampel 1)
”It might be a ’she,’” I suggested.
→ -qtst-It might be a ’she,’-qtnd- I suggested.
Example 2)
– Out with it, Temple! the stout student cried from the steps. Get it out in bits!
→ -qtst-Out with it, Temple!-qtnd- the stout student cried from the steps. -qtst-Get it
out in bits!-qtnd-
(b) Make some sort of investigation of a theme in a category of literature, or
make a comparative study involving two themes or categories. Try to find
an interesting question concerning some conceptual or semantic issue and
devise some kind of method to do some relevant kind of “distant reading”.
(c) Make a comparative stylometric study showing what is specific for
an author, genre, etc. Decide and motivate your choice of data and your
decision to look for a certain kind or set of features. You can start with
some assertion that has previously been made about the style of an author
or a genre.
(d) Look for some rhetorical figure. Those based on repetition of words
are probably the easiest to handle. Decide on which features to define the figure and constrain the search. You should be able to tune your
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